Implementing Post Offer Pre-Employment Testing (POET)

Too often workers are hired into positions that require heavy or strenuous tasks that they are not physically able to perform safely. This puts both themselves, and others around them, at risk of injury or worse. To combat this, testing should be done on the employee that is being considered for a physically demanding job to ensure the candidates ability to perform that job safely upon starting work. This is what Post Offer Pre-Employment Testing is for.

What is a Post Offer Pre-Employment Test? A POET is a test that is built using an in depth Job Demands Analysis that identifies the essential and strenuous task an employee must be able to perform to do his or her job. These tasks are examined to measure the weight or force behind the task and the frequency an employee must perform this task. Using all of these tasks, a test is developed to put the candidate through a physical exam where they will demonstrate their ability, or lack of ability, to perform these essential job functions safely.

This test has been implemented by hundreds of employers nationally and all show extraordinary results in reduction of injuries in the workplace, reduction of workers compensations claims, and increase in productivity. One of the largest automotive seat fabricators conducted a study at two of their locations. These locations were identical in their job functions, personnel assigned, and geographically similar. In one location they implemented the POET’s and the other they did not. The results of the study were very clear on the impact of the POET testing:

Location 1 implemented the POETS and measured a 1% injury rate over a 1 year period in new hires. 104 tests were performed and of these tests 29.8% were unable to pass the POET. That figures out to be about 31 potential candidates that were at risk of injury.

Location 2 did not implement the POET testing and measured a 21% injury rate in new hires in the 1 year period. The number of injured workers nearly equaled the number of candidates that could not pass the POET test at location 1.

Location 1 avoided an estimated 2.07 million dollars in injury costs, a success directly related to the implementation of POETS.

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